Bhangra and Giddha Dancers

These professional dancers are great, performances are based on a mixed group of male and females. Their performances are for approximately 15 minutes to playback music medley of songs, followed by crowd interaction or workshops. The dhol player and singer are involved during crowd interaction and workshops. This could mean inviting the bride and groom on the dance floor followed by relatives and friends singing traditional wedding songs based on them. If its a corporate event they can offer a workshop involving all the guests by teaching them a few steps.




Male and Female Bhangra Dancers

This is a vibrant bhangra team designed for that “BIG WOW” factor that will leave you stunned and amazed! It consists of young, energetic and enthusiastic members which promote the Panjabi culture through bhangra dancing. Everybody within this group has the passion and dedication which has made this team possible.

Each of the members has been doing bhangra for a many numbers of years and have been dancing at a professional level individually. We have worked with a number of different well known artists within the bhangra industry.

Bhangra group which after every performance left crowds stunned due to the acknowledgment of what people want to see when booking Bhangra dancers. These bhangra dancers offer a great routine with ever evolving dance moves from the 80’s to current day. they’re now a team with personalities.